Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time to Rinse Off The Mud and Get Back to Work...

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been a bit swamped in the swamp; bogged down by the field work here in Borneo, while wading through grad school applications in virtual reality. The mud has really caked onto my blogging boots, causing me to drag my feet. So apologies to you (both for the delay, and for the re-peat of puns).

A good soak in the red delicious peat water is just the thing for shaking off the mud and stress after a hard day's field work. 

To pull myself up out of the mire of these missing months and re-convene our chipper chats, here are some links to articles I have been writing over at the OuTrop blog!

This one's an intro to me, and an overview of my early forest experiences: 

A pensive flanged male orangutan.
Jess Stitt/OuTrop ©2012
And this one goes into detail about my tarsier sighting*:

Bug-Eyed Beauty of a Beast
Jess Stitt/OuTrop ©2012
I didn't write this next one, but I was there for it! A very surreal, awesome experience: 

A most startled yet lovely loris.
Bronwyn Eva/OuTrop ©2012
Another one or two more posts by me will appear over there in the coming weeks, but I definitely recommend exploring/following the OuTrop blog as it is full of awesome news and events going on at our field site, and all around Indonesia and Borneo as well.

If you are so inclined, you can also buy a calendar for the shiny new year of 2013, filled with my furry forest friends! The guy pictured above is in there, as are shots of all sorts of critters we've seen over the course of a year. Proceeds go towards supporting our conservation initiatives here in the field. Check it out here:

Plenty of pitcher plants, to quench any ant's thirst.
Jess Stitt/OuTrop ©2012
*My first, of three, tarsier sightings. So many tiny primates! I've now spied the double trifecta of primate species here (six total), getting to glimpse the orangutan, gibbon, and kelasi, plus the macaque, tarsier, and loris. Lucky me! Few can boast such a feat, so I am humbled by my forest fortune. Photos and stories in future posts, I promise. Cross my peat swamp heart and hope to dive/fall in a hole.

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