Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up, Up, & Away

Fall 2010 has been rather busy as I picked up and moved across the country!

Now living in Seattle, I am enrolled in a Natural Science Illustration program at the University of Washington that lasts from October through June. And I'll have a shiny new certificate at the end to show for it! I will also have a portfolio of art work, consisting mostly of ... natural science illustrations. These pieces are attempts at accurate depictions of plants and animals that can be used in textbooks or scientific papers - or even National Geographic! (NatGeo does awesome stuff like this)

In an effort to document my work, I'll be keeping another page dedicated to Science Illustration, consisting mostly of the pieces I create for my classes these next 9 months :D Here is the link to that if you feel so inclined to check it out:
(UPDATE: new site name for my blog -

In addition to taking awesome art classes, I am also searching for a job, and getting ready to move into my first ever studio apartment so that I can fully grasp how it feels to be an artiste.