Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

My present to you is the gift of communication!  

For those of you interested in keeping in touch, below is a tentative schedule of when I will be in email contact, in addition to where I'll be.  It is not exact, but it is the best I have.  My cell phone will not work while I am abroad, but I'll have a phone card as well as Skype (jess_stitt) when the internet connection is good enough.

If you are feeling ambitious and wish to send me mail while I am in Costa Rica (please don't send packages), then I give to you my address; good for Jan 26 - May 12 2009!

Jessica Stitt
Organizacion para Estudios Tropicales
Undergraduate Program
Apartado 676-2050
San Pedro 2050, Costa Rica

As is the case with all snail mail, this service will probably be quite slow...

Learn Spanish!
  • Snail mail: correo de caracol (lento)
  • E-mail: correo electronico (rapido)
(Maybe I'll continue to include fun Spanish things I learn throughout the semester!  Me gusta!) 

As an additional gift, here are the links to the sites where you can find more information about where I'll be!

Costa Rica

I am thinking my next post will be from Kenya, so have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time to Start Packing

Hello. I am creating a blog to track my adventures for the coming months.  Once I am done with finals, I will be home for a brief time, then off to Kenya for 18 days, followed by a semester in Costa Rica.